What tour operators say about the service

A chap ordered a brochure from your website last week He called yesterday and paid deposits for himself and his wife, on a voyage which will cost them almost $US30,000. So, a small thank you to you guys and your service.

RC, tour operator to Antactica & Latin America

The cost per lead is very reasonable – and the bonus is that our web traffic has increased – we think that many people see us on your site and, instead of ordering a brochure, find our website.

DC, major FIT tour operator

Our direct bookings grew 50% in our first year on your site …

NR, Adventure tour operator

More than the leads, which have been great, the information you supply has been invaluable market research, allowing us to tweak our targeting and make our marketing more effective.

AR, ecotour operator

We're having a stellar year and our direct bookings have increased to just over 30%. We have also had enquiries from New Zealand, a market we have found in the past to be extremely difficult to crack. Both my staff and agents report many passengers have mentioned they found us through your site.

CT, Europe tour operator

We are getting a nice number of enquiries sent to us and quite a few bookings have come directly from them, so thank you for your great service! We also love the way you positioned our product and use your copy in our marketing now.

MT, New Zealand tour operator

Thanks for your help and support. Today I hit 1002 subscribers and I am really excited about this little baby milestone of mine, and this year.

AP, boutique travel operator

We do ask people who book where they heard about our product and significant numbers mentioned your site.

BD, Canada & Alaska tour operator

To be honest, at first I was doubtful it would work for me. I am now hugely satisfied with the 12 months' results and see this as an integral part of my marketing mix.

JI, tour operator to Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Your contact in our office, has passed on your 'tweet of the day' and I was wondering if you were able to also add me to the list. We truly enjoy the reminders and confirmation of our marketing strategies.

AR, ecotour operator

What your prospects think

These are unsolicited emails from people who used the Travel Brochures service to help plan their holiday.

Thanks - it's a brilliant service. We're already reading through them and planning our


Thank you so much for the prompt arrival of all brochures I ordered. We have just returned from a holiday to China and Hong Kong and I am researching our Europe holiday for next year. As you can see your brochures have been great!


Thank you Team! Brochure very interesting and appears to be full of relevant information. So pleased to have found your website and will recommend to others.


Thanks for the brochures, they were a great help in our planning.


Thank you very much for your prompt service. The brochures are a great help to us.


Thank you so much indeed for our brochures. They have all arrived and we are happily perusing them. It all looks so great. Thanks so much, and best wishes.


We have received the brochures we ordered - thank you - and have booked a holiday from the South America Travel Specialist brochure.


How fantastic! My husband and I have been going through them to see which destination would be the best for ourselves and our three children. Thank you again.


Thank you for sending the brochures, we have booked to go to Perth in September then on to Broome where we will join an AAT Kings tour to Darwin.


Your travel brochures worked! Five people will be booking soon to do the camping holiday in the West next year.


Our trip to Canada was great thanks to the information you sent.


Thank you for the brochures. We used them to book our trip to Canada/Alaska and
really enjoyed it.


Thanks for the brochures – they really helped us have a good trip to India last year.


We have just come back from travelling the Kimberley and last year went on Safari to Tanzania. Your travel brochures were a great source of information and help.


Thank you for the brochures. We have booked our trips with Intrepid Travel.